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These are the books I would insist everyone read if I were Queen of the Universe. I am not Queen of the Universe, so you don't have to read them, but hear me out. Most book reviews are about new books, but most books are not new. How else are you going to find out about what's out there? Anyway, aren't you just a bit curious about WHY I think these books should be read by everyone?

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hello, all,

This blog is going on hiatus. There are several reasons. First and foremost, I'm running out of books I actually think everyone should read. I also just have too many irons in the fire, and something has to give. However, if you want me to start posting to this blog again, please say so--if there is a demand, I'll pick it up again.

In the meantime I will be reading more books, and if I come across any I think everyone needs to read, I will let you know.

-best, Caroline

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